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About Prep

A boy begins his Prep journey a bit nervous and anxious about what lies ahead. He is no longer in the school that is walking distance from his home; he is no longer in the school where he knows everyone else.

It doesn’t take long, however, for that boy to realize that Saint Peter’s is a special place, where he will feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. Attending classes and socializing with talented young men from towns far beyond his own, he soon understands that Prep is a place where nearly a thousand paths meet. It is a community where people can give of themselves and be open to receiving others. It is a brotherhood with a strong sense of belonging. It is Saint Peter’s Prep. The Saint Peter’s graduate can reflect on his four-year journey as having inspired the individual he has become. He has helped to define the Prep community as much as it has helped to define him.

That nervous and anxious freshman of a few years earlier is now a confident young man who knows that he is a part of something much bigger than himself. He can look back on his four years at Prep as challenging, exciting, rewarding, gratifying, and, indeed, fun. That part of his life is now complete, but the years of Prep in his life will continue.

Wherever his journey may take him, the lessons learned, the memories created, and the friendships made while at Saint Peter’s will stay with him. Browse the links in this section to learn more about Saint Peter’s Prep, and why we say, “It is not simply Prep for four years…it is Prep for life.”