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Hall of Fame Professional Achievement & Service Awards

Created in 2006, the Saint Peter's Prep Hall of Fame Professional Achievement & Service Awards recognize outstanding achievement among Prep alumni and the broader Prep family. Two categories of awards make this event a celebration of outstanding professional accomplishments as well as exceptional service to Prep or to the broader community.


Class of 2011
Professional Achievement Awards

Nathan Lane, '74
Thomas Schember, '55,P'79
Kevin Cummings, '72, P'05,'06

Distinguished Service Awards:

Elizabeth Walsh – Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Spirit of Prep Award
James McLaughlin, '54 – Ernie Baker, '38 Community Service Award
Msgr. Lawrence Miller – Friend of Prep Award
Brian Castelli, '01 – Young Alumni Award

Class of 2006
Professional Achievement Awards:

Lawrence Babbio, ’62
Philip Bosco, ’48
Thomas Fleming, ’45
Robert Hurley, Sr., ’65
Donald Landry, M.D., ’72

Distinguished Service Awards:

 Jonathan Hammer, ’68 – Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Spirit of Prep Award
John Savage, ’57 – Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Spirit of Prep Award
William Macchi, ’55 – Ernie Baker, '38 Community Service Award
Helen Argyelan, P’68,’71,’76 – Friend of Prep Award
T.J. Sullivan, ’93 – Young Alumni Award