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Ignatian Scholars Program

In 2010, Prep introduced an enrichment program called the Ignatian Scholars Program.  The purpose is to further recognize and mentor our incoming Ignatian Scholars (formerly referred to as Presidential Scholars) during their freshman year. These young men, based on their performance on standardized and placement tests as well as their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade grades, have demonstrated superior academic proficiency and have been awarded merit scholarships.

We hope that as the Ignatian Scholars move through Saint Peter's Prep, the unique experience of a Jesuit education will form them as "Men for Others". In addition to scholarship monies earned, we have developed a program designed to expose this group to four major areas: Spirituality and Service, Cultural/Artistic Events, Alumni Achievers, and Leadership Development. We are confident that this formation will result in each student being intellectually challenged, spiritually motivated, and moved to act and be involved in our community. 

In addition to the Ignatian Scholars, we are proud to offer Gerald V. Sheehan '48 Academic Scholarships to the highest achieving students in the applicant pool.  The Sheehan Scholarships cover 100% of tuition for a student's four years at Prep.  Sheehan Scholars participate in all of the Ignatian Scholar programming as well as additional summer enrichment opportunities. Sheehan Scholars are invited to attend the annual Sheehan Leadership Retreat, held in June.  They may also apply for scholarships for summer enrichment programs.  These programs may be sponsored by Saint Peter's Prep (immersion trips to Ecuador, Los Angeles, Alaska, West Virginia, Vox and Band competition trips, Metro Arts Institute and other academic enrichment programs offered thru Prep) or by other institutions such as Brown University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted and Talented Youth, the United States Navy, and so on.  The average scholarship is approximately 50% of the cost of the summer program, and there are also several full scholarships given.

An Ignatian Scholars Team, consisting of members of the Classes of  2015 and 2016 has been carefully selected for this school year. Their mission is to mentor the Ignatian Scholars of 2018 and to serve as role models for their development. Some of the Team will work on Leadership Development and others will helm and staff the Peer Tutoring Program.  Here are brief biographies of this year's Ignatian Scholars Team, all of whom are on the Honor Roll at Saint Peter's Prep:

Anthony Duran, '15, Bayonne:  Anthony is the captain of the Water Polo Team and is on the Baseball Team.  He is a Big Brother, a volutneer at Saint John's Soup Kitchen, and a basketball coach for Saint Mary's Pee-Wee Basketball League.  He also writes for the Petroc.

Michael McKittrick, '15, Bayonne:  Michael is a member of the varsity Soccer Team, varsity Bowling team, the Baseball Club, and the Culinary Club.  Outside of school he works with Relay for Life, raising money for a cure for breast cancer.

Vincent Menafro, '15, Bayonne:  Vince was a member of a Christian Life Community (CLC) and a freshman ambassador.  He is on the JV bowling team. 

Josiah Ng, '15, Jersey City:  Josiah is a member of Vox and also of the App club.  He's active out of school, working at the Newark Museum, Hoboken Homeless Shelter, and a sa Sunday School Teacher at Redeemer Hoboken.

P.J. Walshe, '15, Verona:  PJ is a big Brother, a member of Pax Christi, Vox, and the Crew team at Prep.  He attended the New York Province Jesuit Leadership Conference.

Declan Wollard, '15, Maplewood:  Declan is a member of the French Club, Celtic Club, Stock Market Club, and the Engineering Club.  He's a three-season athlete, running Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track.  He won the Silver Medal for History. 

Bennett Wong, '15, Rutherford:  Bennett is the Vice president of the Asian Club, president of the Robotics Club, and a Big Brother.  He currently manages the Freshman for a Day room for the Admissions Department.  He is also a member of the Cross Country and Outdoor Track and Field teams.  He received a Magis Award and the Silver Medal in Geometry.

Enric Adillon, '16, Short Hills:  Enric attended the New York Province Leadership Workshop and won a Magis Award in freshman year.  He is the coxswain of the crew team and the co-founder of the Ping Pong Club.  Outside of Prep, he is on the Saint Rose Youth Group Leadership Team and retreat planning committee.

Billy Fitzpatrick, '16, Westfield:  Billy is a member of the Student Council, Pax Christi and is on the staff of the Freshman for a Day Room.  He runs Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track.  He won the Math Medal as a freshman.  He has particpated in Subway Runs and tutoring at Brooklyn Prep.

Matt Moriarty, '16, Short Hills:  Matt is a member of the Soccer Team, the Academic Bowl, and a staff writer for Petroc.  He won the silver medal in English.

Liam O'Donnell, '16, Bayonne:  Liam is a member of the varsity Fencing Team, the Art Club, the Video Game Club, and the Anime Club.  An accomplished artist, he won the Gold Medal in Art for freshman year.

Michael Vinci, '16, Bayonne:  Michael is a member of the Student Council and the Medical Club.  He also serves as a Latin tutor.

Adrian Voysey, '16, Weehawken:  Adrian played freshman and JV basketball at Prep.  He is a member of Pax Christi and as a freshman, traveled to Los Angeles to work at Homeboy Industries. 

Mr. Juan Arteaga, Assistant Dean/English Faculty is the Program Director and Ms. Trish Fitzpatrick, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations is the Program Coordinator. 

Any questions about the program should be directed to Mr. Arteaga at or Ms. Fitzpatrick at