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Reflection Blog Setup

Blog Setup


  1. In your Google apps, choose the Blogger app and click the orange button that says “Create a Blog.”
  2. Insert your email address and personal information. This must be a Gmail email account (your Prep account should work.)
  3. Name your blog. The name should read as such “Your First Name Your Last Name Christian Service Reflection 2015-2016”
  4. Create a URL address for your blog. The URL address should be
  5. Choose the “Minima” Template. (This is the first choice, top left hand corner.)
  6. Click “Start Blogging!”
  7. Click Settings (second tab)
  8. Scroll Down. Make Sure that the answer to the following questions is all “NO.”  This will ensure your privacy, and make sure that no one can find or read your reflections but me.
    1. Add your Blog to our listings?
    2. Let search engines find your blog?
    3. Show email post links?
    4. Adult content?
  9. Click “Save Settings.”
  10. Go to the “Permissions” Tab of Settings (This is the last choice, far right.)
  11. Go to “Blog Readers” and under “Who can read this blog?” click “Only people I choose.” Invite the email address Click "Invite.”
  12. Once your blog is set up, check out the Christian Service Reflection Questions page for information on what to write in each entry.