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Prep Embarks on a Year of Exchanges

Eighteen students and two teachers from Sant Ignasi in Barcelona visited Prep in September, marking the fourth annual Spanish Exchange at Prep. Two weeks of on- and off-campus activities gave the guests (and their Prep hosts!) ample opportunity to explore a new culture. (Read a Sant Ignasi student reflection on the experience here!)

Three of Prep’s four “traditional” exchange programs, plus the return of the Peru exchange, will take place this year, brigning together students from across the world – and the Jesuit world in particular. The French Exchange will begin in October with 18 students visiting from Le Caousou, a Jesuit secondary school in Toulouse and a new partner for the program. The Italian Exchange with Istituto Gonzaga in Palermo will follow in December. All three of these language exchanges will see Prep students pay a return visit during Easter break.

In addition, for the second year in a row, students from Colegio de La Inmaculada in Lima, Peru, will visit in February, with Prep students visiting Peru the following summer. Unlike the conventional exchanges, the Peru exchange is open to all Prep students, regardless of which language they study at Grand & Warren. The growing relationship between Prep and La Inmaculada has also seen students collaborating on a mural project, and the prospect of teleconferences between classes in Peru and the U.S., taking advantage of both schools’ location in the same time zone.

“It is an exciting time for us at Prep,” remarked Rosalie Romano, the chair of Prep’s modern language department, and the moderator of the Italian Exchange program since its inception in 2000. “This truly underscores our focus on global awareness and opportunities.”