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Fathers and Sons Embark on a New Prep Tradition

Last weekend saw twenty father and son pairs participate in Prep's first-ever Father/Son Day of Service, sponsored by the Office of Campus Ministry. Working together, these Prep families helped the Community Food Bank of New Jersey sort food for distribution to families in need.

With the guidance of supervisor Omar Henigan (pictured in yellow vest above), the volunteers took food donations from unsorted pallets, organized the food items by type while discarding expired products, and sorted the food into boxes by type. "It requires a lot of teamwork because there's a relatively small space to work," explained Mr. John Dougherty, director of campus ministry. Mr. Dougherty credited Mr. Henigan with helping the group enjoy the labor-intensive work by maintaining a high energy level. "He spoke to the group before and after, giving them a sense of who they were helping by preparing these donations, and how their two hours of work would have a big impact," Mr. Dougherty explained.

Two more father/son days of service are planned this year. Registration for the first, a return visit to the Community Food Bank on February 10, is already full. Sign-up information for the second (March 24 with Paterson Habitat for Humanity) will be available soon from Campus Ministry.